In 2014 the board of directors for the Charlie Kubala Memorial trust voted unanimously to approve funding of educational scholarships to benefit Sumter area high school students. These $1,000 scholarships are competitive in nature and are limited to the criteria listed below. Scholarship applications will be accepted in the spring with the awards being presented in May. Recipients will also be recognized each October at the annual Charlie Kubala Memorial golf tournament. Winners will be invited to participate in a round of golf and have lunch with participants, families and board members at the event. The deadline for entry is April 28, 2017. The terms and requirements for scholarship eligibility are as follows:


  • Sumter County resident
  • attend a high school within Sumter County
  • must be a high school senior or will be a senior at the time of the award (October)
  • must have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • funds must be used for college related expenses (tuition, books, etc.)


If you qualify and would like to proceed to the online application click here.